Winzawax™ Pre wax Cleanser


£6.99 + VAT


The Winzawax™ Pre wax cleanser is to be used prior to all waxing treatments, with its fresh scent and antibacterial properties it is a must have for all wax therapists.



Winzawax™ Chocolate and Hazelnut Hot Wax


£16.99 + VAT


The Winzawax™ Chocolate and Hazelnut Hot wax. The amazing new Hot wax that will change the way we wax forever, so soft its like putty in your hands. Super soft, residue free, even picks up the softer hairs.



Winzawax™ After wax Lotion 


£6.99 + VAT


The Winzawax™ After wax lotion is to be used after all waxing treatments. A soothing lotion which contains Tea Tree for its antiseptic and antifungal properties. Soothes and hydrates the skin post wax treatments and works to help close the pores

Winzawax™ Raspberry Strip Wax


£7.99 + VAT


Introducing the amazing new Raspberry Strip Wax which leaves the skin so soft and residue free, you will have to see it to believe it! Gentle enough for even the most sensitive skins yet tough on the strongest of hairs.