Frequently asked questions 

What is the working temperature of the Hot Wax?


The Winzawax™ Chocolate and Hazelnut Hot wax has a lower working tempreture of 57°C – It is strongly advised to use this wax in a digital heater to ensure correct working temperature is kept. The temperature is paramount to the performance of the wax! If the wax is too cool it will not work effectively, the same if it is too hot. Always test the temperature of the wax before application. 


What is the working temperature of the Raspberry Strip Wax?


Our Raspberry Strip Wax has a slightly higher working temperature of 74°C– It is strongly advised to use this wax in a digital heater to ensure correct working temperature is kept. Always test the temperature of the wax before application


Should I use oil or powder with Hot Wax and the Strip Wax?


The use of oil is NOT required with the Winzawax™ products – the products have been designed to be gentle on the skin. For Hot Wax treatments power is applied to the areas to be waxed. No powder is needed for facial waxing.

The powder absorbs perspiration and creates a barrier so enabling a more comfortable, less painful experience for your clients.


How long do I leave the Hot Wax before removal?


For the face and smaller areas the wax will set quicker, remove as you normally would. Intimate areas where hair growth is stronger, application is slightly thicker, allow wax to set for a little longer. N.B Please ensure your working environment is at the correct tempreture. A hot environment will make the wax take longer to set.


My Winzawax™ was damaged in transit, what can I do?


Although we do our best to ensure a smooth delivery of your product, if you do find that your purchase was damaged at the delivery stage please take a photograph of the delivered product, do not use your product, and send the image to email address…..


I am not a trained beautician/waxing technician can I still use Winzawax™?


Unfortunately no, you do need to be a qualified beauty therapist or professional. Winzawax™ cannot be held responsible for anyone who uses ours products and is not fully qualified. We do our best to ensure that we sell direct to those who work in the beauty industry.


Why would I use the Winzawax™ pre-wax cleanser and after wax lotion?


Our pre-wax cleanser has been developed in a gel form rather than a liquid form, once the gel goes onto the skin it melts which gives the product a further reach to cover a greater area of skin, adding great value for money. Winzawax™ kills bacteria yet is gentle to the skin.


Our after-wax lotion contains Tea Tree oil which is known for its antibacterial and antifungal properties. It has been gently formulated so as not to be too overwhelming, a light lotion with a fast dispersing scent. It will help soothe waxed areas and hydrate the skin.