Hi I am Sherie Dickinson founder and creator of Winzawax™


Having worked in the beauty industry for ten years using a range of different depilatory wax products. I was never been completely happy with any of the products which I used, or the results. I decided to create my own wax brand, one which I truly believe in and one that I am proud of.  


Winzawax™ was created as a premium waxing product for professional therapists the world over and will truly change the way we wax forever!


After 3 years of product testing and developing, I have finally created two incredible products that I believe will change the way that we wax forever! I have extensively researched waxing products from the UK, Europe and from the other side of the world. I have personally never used a product like this. Winzawax™ is in a league of its own.


We are truly excited to launch our new product for all therapists the world over to use. Our Chocolate and Hazelnut Hot Wax is so soft and malleable that you can even squeeze it and reform it after use. That's why we say "It's like putty in your hands", because it really is! The Winzawax™ chocolate and hazelnut hot wax actually works on first time application. It removes the hairs first time round so there is no need to re-wax the area again with strip wax to remove the softer hairs. I have specifically designed the hot wax to achieve this because every hot wax I had trialled, failed to do this first time round, and it's a waste of product, and time but more importantly, it's more painful for the client!


It’s simple, easy to use and actually picks up both hair types, leaving the skin residue free without any sticky mess or fuss. The Raspberry Strip Wax is red in colour for visibility and smells amazing! It is used in a slightly thicker application than a typical strip wax, the principle is still the same, only Winzawax™ results in less redness and stickiness, the skin actually feels dry to the touch afterwards. It’s more comfortable for your clients, and can be used on any part of the body. It's  definately a more enjoyable experience for the therapist and client.  


Winzawax™ is 100% created and produced in the UK.


I hope you all enjoy this wax as much as I do..


Many thanks 


Sherie Dickinson